E-Ganna Mobile App: UP Ganna Slip Calendar, App Download, Payment Status

E-Ganna Mobile App 2021 Ganna Parchi Calendar IN Hindi, ई गन्ना मोबाइल ऐप, Uttar Pradesh Ganna Parchi Online Calendar, Benefit and Check Online Application Status at Official Website caneup.in. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has launched the e-sugarcane mobile app to solve sugarcane farmers’ cane supply, slip calendar, and other problems.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath launched caneup.in official portal and app to solve problems related to sugarcane slip on 12 November 2019. Through this online portal, farmers can get all the information related to Bhai sugarcane supply and slip issuess. With this, you can also get information related to the sugarcane slip calendar from the E-Ganna Mobile App.

caneup.in UP Cane Slip Calendar

A new weapon is given to the sugarcane farmers by the state government to protect them from black marketing of sugarcane slips. This weapon is an app, yes the government has released an app, named e-cane app. This new mobile app will help sugarcane farmers to get a lot of information sitting at home. With just one click, a lot of information will be available on your mobile.

Now the concerned department will add a calendar to the app in which farmers can get details about crushing sugarcane. However, farmers will not be given any information regarding the payment. The E-Ganna Mobile App will also provide information about the crushing of sugarcane during the last few seasons.

Download E-Ganna Mobile App

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of the E-Ganna Mobile App. After this, the homepage of the website will open in front of you.
  • On the homepage of the website, you have to give the option of “Download” in the menu. After this, a new page will open in front of you.
  • Click on install and get the app on your phone.
  • After the e-cane app is installed, you can get information about Ganna Parchi Calendar through it
  • Apart from this, you can download the related app by entering the e-cane in the search box from the Google play store.

UP Sugarcane Mills and it’s Website

At present, in the crushing season 2020-21, 113 sugar mills are working for crushing sugarcane in the state. Each sugar mill has started its own website to make all information related to sugarcane development and marketing accessible to farmers. Through these websites, you can also inform the mill administration about your problem.

Sugarcane supply and Ganna Slip Calendar can be easily seen in all these websites. Here we are providing information about the name of the sugar mill and their website according to the district. You can get the sugarcane slip calendar and other necessary information by clicking on the sugar mill website of your area.

Sr. NoName District Name Sugar Mill  Website
1SaharanpurDeobandClick here
2Sarsawa (Cooperative)Click here
3Non-cooperative (co-operative)Click here
4GaganoliClick here
5ShermauClick here
6MuzaffarnagarMansurpurClick here
7KhatauliClick here
8RohanaClick here
9Morena (Cooperative)Click here
10TitaviClick here
11TikaulaClick here
12To increaseClick here
13KhakhediClick here
14ShamliWoolClick here
15Police stationClick here
16ShamliClick here
17MeerutTruthClick here
18DauralaClick here
19MwanaClick here
20KinauniClick here
21NaglamalClick here
22BaghpatRamala (Cooperative)Click here
23MalkapurClick here
24GhaziabadModinagarClick here
25HapurSimbhavaliClick here
26BrajnathpurClick here
27BulandshahrAnupshahr (Cooperative)Click here
28LeaderClick here
29ProvenClick here
30BijnorDhampurClick here
31GoldsmithClick here
32BijnorClick here
33ChandpurClick here
34Snehrod (Cooperative)Click here
35BahadurpurClick here
36BarkatpurClick here
37BundakiClick here
38CatClick here
39AmrohaChandanpurClick here
40DhanuraClick here
41Gajraula (Cooperative)Click here
42MoradabadRaninagalClick here
43BilariClick here
44AgwanpurClick here
45BelvadaClick here
46CarefulAsmauliClick here
47RajpuraClick here
48RampurBilaspurClick here
49Mr. NarayanpurClick here
50KarimganjClick here
51PilibhitPilibhitClick here
52Bisalpur (Cooperative)Click here
53Puranpur (Cooperative)Click here
54BarkhedaClick here
55BareillySister in lawClick here
56Semikhera (Cooperative)Click here
57MirganjClick here
58NawabganjClick here
59FaridpurClick here
60BadaunBisauliClick here
61Badaun (Cooperative)Click here
62KasganjNioliClick here
63ShahjahanpurLentClick here
64Tihar (Cooperative)Click here
65NigohiClick here
66MaksudapurClick here
67Puwaan (co-operative)Click here
68HardoiRupapurClick here
69GreenClick here
70LoniClick here
71LakhimpurCircleClick here
72AiraClick here
73PaliaClick here
74Belraya (co-operative)Click here
75Samparananagar (Cooperative)Click here
76AjabapurClick here
77KhambharkhedaClick here
78AquariusClick here
79GulariyaClick here
80SitapurHargaonClick here
81TwentiethClick here
82Mahmudabad (Cooperative)Click here
83RamgarhClick here
84JawaharpurClick here
85FarrukhabadKarimganjClick here
86BarabankiHaidergarhClick here
87FaizabadRojagaonClick here
88MotinagarClick here
89Ambedkar NagarMizodaClick here
90Sultanpur (Cooperative)SultanpurClick here
91GondaDatouliClick here
92KundarkhiClick here
93MejapurClick here
94BahraichJarvalroadClick here
95Nanpara (Cooperative)Click here
96ChilwariyaClick here
97ParsendiClick here
98BalrampurBalrampurClick here
99TulsipurClick here
100ItaimadaClick here
101colonyBabhnanClick here
102WalterganjClick here
103RudhauliClick here
104MaharajganjSiswabazarClick here
105GadoraClick here
106DevariaPratappurClick here
107KushinagarLataClick here
108KaptanganjClick here
109PitClick here
110Ramkola (P.)Click here
111SeveriClick here
112MauGhosiClick here

Benefits of e-Sugarcane Mobile App

  • Many problems of sugarcane farmers will be solved easily through this app, including sugarcane payments.
  • All information related to selling sugarcane, survey data, government information related to sugarcane (pre-calendar), basic quota and sugarcane slip will also be available for farmers in this app.
  • All information will be sent directly from the slip to the mobile of farmers, this will also eliminate the work of middlemen and farmers will get a good price of sugarcane.
  • This new system benefits Many farmers with its advantages.

E-Ganna App, caneup.in web Portal से गन्ना पर्ची कलेंडर कैसे देखे?

If you want to see the Ganna Parchi Calendar through E-Ganna App, caneup.in the official website then you have to follow the given steps.

  • First of all, you have to visit the official website of the Department of Sugar Industry and Sugarcane Development. After this, the dashboard of Sugar Industry and Sugarcane Development Department will open in front of you.
Ganna Parchi Calendar
  • On the homepage of the website, you will be given some sections in the dashboard of the official website. Here you have to click on the option “Click below to see your data.”
  • After this, a new page will open in front of you, here you have to fill the CAPTCHA code and click on the “View” button.
  • Now in the next step you have to choose your district, location of sugar mill, village and name of producer.
Ganna Slip Calendar
  • After this, a new page will open in front of you. Here you will be provided all the information related to the producer. You can find the following information on this page.
    • Survey data
    • Pre cane calendar
    • Sugarcane calendar
    • Extra speculative calendar
    • Sugar cane weights
    • Sms log
  • To view the sugarcane slip calendar, click on the third option. Now you will see the sugarcane calendar for the current year like this.
UP Ganna Slip Calendar

You can get information about sugarcane pre-calendar and speculative slip for common, quick and inappropriate species from here.

Download the e-Sugarcane Mobile App from the Google Play Store

  • First of all, you have to go to Google Play Store.
  • Here you have to type “E Ganna” in the search box and press Enter.
  • You will be shown some results. From here you have to click on the result as per the picture given.
E-Ganna Mobile App
  • After this, you have to click on the Install button. After the cane app is installed, you can get information about Ganna Parchi Calendar, betting through this.

Helpline Number

You can also call their toll free number for any details. Farmers can call toll free number 18001213203 or 18001035823 to get app-related information or any information related to sugarcane slip.

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