KCR Kit and Amma Odi Scheme Telangana : Pregnant Women Scheme

KCR Kit and Amma Odi Scheme Telangana :- In every aspect of life, women play a vital role. Regardless of the kind of employment, women are always the foundation of any industry. In addition to this, they also play a crucial role as mothers when a child is born. The government of Telangana has come up with a scheme in which financial support will be provided to these new born baby mothers. The scheme is known as the KCR Kit Scheme. In this article, we will learn about the benefits and objectives of the Telangana Scheme. Additionally, we will also learn about the application process for the scheme.

Ts 1500 Rupees Status

Brief About KCR Kit Scheme

The Telangana government has launched a scheme in which new baby mothers will receive financial support from the government. Women who give birth at a hospital run by the government are eligible for this plan. In accordance with this scheme, monetary assistance in the amount of Rs. 12,000 would be provided to pregnant mothers in three equal instalments. The government will provide an additional one thousand rupees to the family if the kid is a female. This scheme is open to women who are pregnant and may be used for up to two children’s births.

Telangana KCR Kit Scheme

After a baby is delivered, both the mother and the baby get a KCR Kit that contains sixteen different items. The KCR Kit includes baby oil and soaps, a mosquito net, outfits, a purse, toys for children, diapers, powder, shampoo, sarees, a baby bed, a towel, and napkins. Additionally, the kit comes with a baby bed, a towel, and napkins. After the completion of 2 ANC Check Ups and within 5.5 months of the LMP date.

KCR Kit Scheme Overview

Name of SchemeKCR Kit
BeneficiariesPregnant womans of the state
BenefitsFinancial support

Objective of KCR Kit Scheme             

The main objective is to make sure that breastfeeding parents and the babies they are raising have access to everything they need. The government aims to combat female foeticide with this scheme, which also offers extra assistance if the newborn is a girl.

Benefits of KCR Kit Scheme

  • The main benefit of the scheme is that the government is issuing free KCR kits to pregnant ladies free of cost. Some other benefits of the scheme are as
  • The KCR Kit is available for around 15,000 Indian Rupees and contains sixteen requirements.
  • Pregnant women have the chance to make use of this program, but only for a total of two deliveries.
  • Pregnant women’s health conditions will be observed and monitored by ASHA workers both before and after the pregnancy.

Eligibility of KCR Kit Scheme

  • The Criteria of Eligibility for the KCR Kit Scheme is as
  • The applicant must be a Telangana resident.
  • The Telangana state-issued Aadhar card is a requirement for beneficiaries.
  • The benefit of this scheme is that the receiver may only use it for a maximum of two deliveries.

Documents required for the KCR Kit Scheme

  • The main documents required for the KCR Kit Scheme are as
  • State Residence Certificate
  • Aadhar Card of the Applicant
  • LMP Date
  • Bank details of the applicant

Offline Application Process of the KCR Kit Scheme

  • The step by step process of application for the KCR Kit Scheme is as
  • The nearest relevant department, which is a government hospital, is where candidates must go.
  • At a public hospital, request KCR Kits.
Telangana KCR Kit Scheme
  • Women who are pregnant may register for Asha benefits at the nearest employee.
  • The pregnant woman’s information, including name, age, Aadhaar number, bank account information, permanent residence, mobile phone number, and last period date, should be provided to the DEO/ANM.
  • Your application will next pass via a medical officer, a deputy district health and medical officer, and the related finance department before being released to the finance department, which will then transfer the scheme’s funds directly into the recipients’ accounts.

Online Application process of the KCR Kit Scheme

  • The step by step process of application for the KCR Kit Scheme is as
  • Visit the official website of the portal and navigate to the home page of KCR Kit Scheme.
  • Enter your login information, such as your username and password, and then click the sign-in button on the login screen.
  • Click “Child/Mother Registration” on the dashboard.
  • Once the applicants’ Aadhar has been entered and verified with an OTP, click the “new registration” option.
  • Fill in all the requested information on the expectant mother, including basic information and bank account information.
  • If you’re reapplying, click on the prior delivery information.
  • Enter your gravida, parity, abortion history, live births, deaths, obstetric formula, due date, and ANC information.
  • Type in your ANC data and choose the high-risk identity options.  Alongside the mother’s ID, the mother’s information is shown.
  • Select the update button after entering the delivery date details.
  • After entering the child’s details and pressing the submit button, the registration form for the child will now display.
  • Applications and enrollment in the KCR Kit program have been successfully completed, and you may check the status online.

Application Status of the KCR Kit Scheme

  • The step by step process of checking the status of the KCR Kit scheme is as
  • Visit the official website of the scheme.
  • On the homepage, click the link for login information.
  • Enter your username, password, and captcha code on the login screen.
  • Enter your ID number and search for the option that says “Application Status.” Just click it.
  • The KCR Kit’s condition will be shown on the screen.

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