LPG Gas Cylinder Rates (01 August 2020), Subsidy / Non-Subsidy Rates

LPG Price Today: Here in this article we will provide you information about the increase/decrease in LPG Gas Cylinder Rates in the month of August. The prices of LPG gas cylinders (for subsidized and non-subsidized cylinders) have been kept unchanged in the month of August by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. Its decision has been taken by the government in view of the coronavirus infection. Also, there is no increase in the prices of non-subsidized LPG gas cylinders.

The prices of subsidized and non-subsidized gas cylinders have been kept unchanged for the second consecutive month. Now in the metro cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and other cities, LPG gas cylinders will be introduced from August 01 for new prices (14.2 kg / 19 kg cylinder). You can check LPG price in your city today through the official website.

You can also compare the current gas prices for the month of August with the prices of the previous three months. Since the fall in prices of petroleum products in April and May 2020, prices have been held steady in the last two months. You can visit the official website of Indane for information about the amount that consumers will have to pay for subsidized and non-subsidized domestic gas cylinders.

LPG Gas Cylinder Rates List August 2020 (Subsidy & Non-Subsidy)

The effective cost of home cooking gas cylinders for consumers living in a metro city is 14.2 kg and 19 kg LPG gas cylinder for August month is given below-

New Delhi₹ 681.50
Kolkata₹ 621.00
Mumbai₹ 594.00
Chennai₹ 610.50
Gurgaon₹ 603.00
Noida₹ 627.50
Bangalore₹ 597.00
Bhubaneswar₹ 621.50
Chandigarh₹ 605.00
Hyderabad₹ 646.50
Jaipur₹ 598.00
Lucknow₹ 639.50
Patna₹ 683.00
Trivandrum₹ 603.50

Compare LPG Gas Cylinder Rates with Previous Months

If any person wants to compare the current LPG gas cylinder rates with the rates of previous months, then you can compare by going to the following link-

  • Compare 14.2 Kg LPG gas cylinder previous prices (Month Wise) without Subsidy – Click Here
  • Compare 19 Kg LPG gas cylinder previous prices (Month Wise) without Subsidy – Click Here

Know LPG Gas Cylinder Rates in Your District / Area

If any person wants to know the rate of LPG gas cylinder, then you have to follow the steps given below-

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of Indian Oil Corporation Limited. After this, the home page of the website will open in front of you.
LPG Gas Cylinder New Prices August
  • On the home page of the website you have to click on the option “Tariff Price“. After this, a new page will open in front of you.
LPG Price Today
  • On this page, you have to click on the “Product Price” option. The next page will open in front of you.
LPG Price in India Today
  • After this, you have to enter the name of your city and the product name of the cylinder
  • In the bottom section, you have to choose the weight of the cylinder in the LPG gas drop-down menu and click on the “Search” button.
  • Now the information of LPG Gas Cylinder Price will be displayed in front of you.

Important Notice- If your city name does not appear after following the above procedure, then you can contact your nearest dealer.

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What is the rate of LPG gas cylinder?

You can check the LPG gas cylinder rate according to your city using the information given in the article.

How to compare the new rates of LPG gas cylinders with the previous months?

You can compare LPG gas prices of 14.2 Kg to last month’s gas prices. The rate of last month’s LPG gas cylinder can be compared through the official website https://www.iocl.com/.

How to see today’s rate of LPG Gas Cylinder?

Oil Corporation makes changes in the prices of cylinders on the first of every month, which remain in effect for the entire month.

How to know the rate of LPG gas cylinder by city?

You can check the LPG Gas Cylinder Price in your hometown through the official website. For this, you should read these articles carefully.

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