Unlock 1.0 Guidelines PDF: COVID 19 Know State/Area Zone Rules

All State Unlock 1.0 Guidelines PDF: The lock-down was announced by Prime Minister Narendra in India on 24 March 2020 to prevent the growing infection of the country and growing corona virus (COVID 19). The key to this lock-down was to prevent the infection of this epidemic in a country with a population of 130 crores.

After this lock-down period of 4 phases, now the central government is going to launch Unlock 1.0 from 08 June. The main objective of the lock-down announcement by the central government was to stop the spread of the epidemic. While this four-step lock-down period certainly slowed down the pace of the growing infection of the Corona virus, the country also found time to repair its preparations for the future.

Now to bring the economy back on track, the Unlock 1.0 Guidelines PDF has been released. In view of the fact that such a large country cannot be kept in lock-down forever, the Narendra Modi government of the Center has announced the introduction of Unlock 1.0 from 08 June. In India, the threat of Corona virus is still intact, unlock 1.0 is being launched to start economic activities in areas other than the Containment Zone.

Unlock 1.0 Guidelines PDF

Neither lock-down nor unlock 1.0 has been implemented from 01 June to 07 June after four phases of nationwide lock-down imposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 24 March. You all know that a big country like India cannot be kept in lock-down forever, so caution is the only safeguard.

In such a situation, to bring the country’s economy back on track, we must move out of our homes. The lock-down in the country has been lifted from 01 June to 07 June in addition to the Containment Zone by the Central Government. In such a situation, we must understand what the rules will be in the first week of June and what will be allowed.

The period from 01 June to 07 June can be considered as a period of buffer zone. During this period, the Central Government has instructed the states to run the system according to the condition. The Central Government has allowed exemption under Unlock 1.0 Guidelines from 08 June. Here in this article we will provide you information as per Unlock 1.0 guidelines PDF.

Overview of Unlock 1.0 Guidelines

NameUnlock 1.0 Guidelines PDF
Launched ByGovernment of India
Start date08 June 2020
Imposed onCitizens of India
ObjectiveRestoring economic activity
Official Websitewww.mha.gov.in/

Implementation Of The Unlock 1.0

The central government will allow economic activities with the introduction of Unlock 1.0. In this regard, the Unlock 1.0 guidelines PDF will be released by the Central Government in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs, through which information will be provided to the common man, and industries, about the recognized economic activities.

Under Unlock 1.0, economic activity will be allowed in all areas other than the Containment Zone. A plan has been prepared to unlock India in three phases. Some states have allowed inter-state travel from June 01 to June 07. The District Magistrate / Collector has been instructed to monitor the conditions in the Containment Zone.

Unlock 1.0 Guidelines Rules

Nearly all activities will be allowed in the regulation area set by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Meanwhile, from 01 June to 07 June, the states have not allowed the following activities.

  • The Maharashtra government has made a plan for unlocking in three phases.
  • Maharashtra has relaxation of some activities from 03 June which will be extended after 05 June.
  • All states will have to provide exemption to citizens after June 08 as per the guidelines of the Center.
  • The Maharashtra government has not allowed inter-district travel.
  • In the first week of June in Delhi, you will not be able to get out of the house from 09 am to 05 am.
  • Earlier this limit was set from 07 AM to 07 AM.
  • In the Panjab state, rules have been implemented on the lines of Delhi itself. Here also you will not be able to get out of the house from 09 am to 05 am.
  • The lock-down has been kept on hold till June 08 in Jammu and Kashmir without any relief.
  • The lock-down will continue till June 30 in Telangana, at this time the guidelines of the center will be followed.

01 to 07 June What will be closed in Unlock 1.0?

According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the following activities will not be allowed under the Unlock 1.0 guidelines from June 01 to 07.

  • Malls, restaurants, hotel facilities will be closed, only home delivery facilities can be availed.
  • Instructions have been given to keep all religious places, schools, colleges and other educational institutions closed.
  • International air travel, metro and rail facilities will not be available.
  • Swimming pool, internment park, theater, bar and auditorium will be closed.
  • In this period also, children below 5 years of age and elderly people above 65 years of age will not be allowed to be taken out without the necessary work.

The central government has clearly stated that Unlock 1.0 will have to fully restore economic activities and open up the country. Let us tell you that before this, according to the GDP figures, in the last 11 years we are facing the slowest pace of growth.

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