Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme 2024: Apply Online & Status

As we all know that the State Government has announced the Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme and we also know that the new application has been brought in Tripura for the welfare of the country’s jobless younger citizens, specially in goat cattle husbandry. Goat farming is specially worth while because it yields extremely good returns in a brief length of time. Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme assist the enlargement and improvement of the animal husbandry industry, the federal and country governments have collectively applied a plan that assists cattle maintenance through loans and subsidiaries. A comparable application that has a finances of Rs 2 lakh for every unit helps piggeries is likewise in development in step with the officials.

Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme

Puno Baniya Scheme Tripura 2024

  • There was a meeting which is held, on 15th, june 2022,with inside the tribal welfare branch among the Council of Ministers and the authorized scheme named the Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme. As a name, Puno Baniya means “goat business.” The scheme’s important cause turned into to assist financially the indigenous natives of Tripura.
  • The cash from the scheme is deposited immediately into the money owed of self-assist organization members, who will acquirea complete of 25,000 rupees. SHGs are small agencies of impoverished humans that confront not unusual place challenges. They have a not unusual place financial savings account within side the financial institution, because of this that they have got a not unusual place fund. From its shared fund, the SHG presents minor loans to its participants. So the scheme cash receives connected to the SHG financial institution account. Each beneficiary can pay Rs 25,100.

Tripura Super 30 Scheme 

  • The scheme’s important cause turned into to assist financially the indigenous natives of Tripura. The plan is that to be able to generate a sizablesum of money for the kingdom’s indigenous tribal humans, a scheme need to be credit score connected with self-assist organization members.
  • The kingdom authoritie scan pay Rs 1.four lakh and the relaxation of Rs 125,500 is deposited as a mortgage within side the money owed of SHG members. Similarly, like a financial institution that offers loans to its customers, this scheme presents loans to its beneficiaries.

Overview Details f Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme 2024

Name of the YojanaTripura Puno Baniya Yojana
Launch on2023
ObjectiveFinancial help for indigenous jobless youth
BeneficiaryOnly Citizens of Tripura
Official WebsiteSoon to be Notified

Main Intention to Produce this Yojana

  • As per the authorities, they in particular promoted goat livestock, providing the purpose that goats are proof against diverse sicknesses and there are fewer possibilities for any heavy losses.
  • Further, the meal swith inside the protection for goat rearing is like wise much less than that for different fowl and pig farming.
  • properly provide excessive returns in small instances span
  • Goods excreta also can be used within side the fishery branch as fodder.

Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme 2024 Objectives

The main objective of starting this scheme is to benefit the indigenous unemployed youth of Tripura and to promote good business to raise the standard of living of the indigenous people of Tripura.

Benefits of this Yojana

  • The blessings and you can say satisfaction of the Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme include:
  • Through this scheme, jobless adole scents could be given the possibility to earn from goat farming through giving them authorities. With the help of this scheme, loans can also be furnished for the identical purpose.
  • To growth income for tribal people, a money-connected goatery application may be develop, with Self Help Group (SHG) contributors receiving Rs 2,51,000 for one unit.
  • Once the individua lbegin earning, they are able to pay the mortgage through the EMI of the earnings generated through this farm animals business.
  • The recipients will get hold of 12 goats—10 ladies and a couple of males—as part of this scheme.There are 9 months without a installment bills required be neath neath this scheme.

Karma Sathi Parijayee Shramik Registration

Eligibility Criteria

  • As per the scheme, the eligibility criteria for the individuals as follows: 
  • The individual should be the eternal residence of Tripura.  
  • This yojana is for local jobless youth of our nation.

Required Documents

  • Here is the list of files which is important for registration:
  • Email id 
  • Identity card
  • Aadhar card 
  • Mobile number 
  • Passport size photograph 
  • SHG member

Application Procedure of Puno Baniya Yojana 2023

This scheme has been became these days released and the authorities will quickly offer the reliable internet site from where in individual can practice at once for this scheme, so we can replace you as quickly as this scheme’s reliableinternet site is available.

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